“Gareth’s ability to make you feel at ease with his calm nature and very knowledgeable explanation of the services he provides was a great comfort for someone like myself, who knew very little about Osteopath’s.

The subsequent sessions were extremely beneficial and I would wholeheartedly recommend his service.”

Mr S, Port St Mary


“I was recommended Gareth Watt Osteopathy by a friend. It was easy to book an appointment on the phone and I spoke with Gareth himself.

I was offered an evening appointment at Port Erin, which was very convenient as I didn’t lose any time off work, could easily manage child care and didn’t have far to travel. The appointment was very prompt, with no waiting around.

A very professional diagnosis interview to ascertain the cause as well as the symptoms was followed by treatment. Gareth was very informative during treatment, explaining what he was doing and why.

Following treatment he gave instruction and self-help exercises and suggested a followup consultation may be needed, depending on how I feel.

The benefits from the first consult were immediate and the followup was necessary as advised. After the second consult, which was equally successful, no further treatment was necessary.

I have no hesitation in recommending Gareth Watt Osteopathy.”

Mrs G, Castletown


“During my pregnancy I’ve suffered with lower back and pelvic pain. It created difficulties walking, standing, sitting and lying and was getting worse. A friend recommended I went to see Gareth.

The initial consultation was very through and he understood straight away, explaining in great detail the affects that pregnancy has on the body.

The treatment is very gentle I noticed an improvement from the first visit, by the second the pain was reduced quite noticeably. Gareth has also shown me stretches and exercises to do at home to help increase my mobility/flexibility.

I am very happy with the progression of my treatments, now after only a few visits I have no need to go as frequent. I truly feel my visits are making my pregnancy manageable rather than miserable. I am certainly no longer in pain all the time.

Gareth comes with my highest recommendation to pregnant women with similar symptoms.

Pregnancy aches and pains really do not have to be something you put up with. I send him my greatest thanks.”

Mrs R, Douglas


“I recently came to see Gareth about my neck. My neck was stiff from repetitive strain and the pain would not go, he explained how I may have done it and how to avoid doing it again.

After a few treatments my neck has been painless. I cannot recommend him more highly.”

Andrew, Douglas


As a Pilates Instructor, I was quite choosy when it came to sorting out and trusting someone with my back issue. After some research via a student’s friend who had been to see him, I came up with Gareth’s name and number.

After living on the Island all my life, I have found ‘word of mouth’ the most effect way to find the ‘best’! Gareth immediately put me at ease with his exceptional depth of knowledge, professionalism and friendly beside manner.

I now refer my own clients with issues, beyond the reach of Pilates, to Gareth and have received glowing reports from all those who have been to see him.  I would not hesitate in recommending Gareth Watt Osteopathy if you wish to receive optimum treatment from a first class Osteopath.

Claire Kinrade – Stott Pilates Trained, Level 3 Pilates Teacher


“Following a friend’s advice, visiting an osteopath was definitely the best thing I could have done. And Gareth Watt is the right person!

Professional and friendly, he is highly recommended. With his help I am now pain free and my daily well being has also improved.

Therefore, don’t wait any longer and follow my friend’s advice too!”

Carla, Douglas